7 ways to avoid being cheated by a cheap T-shirt

The cheap T-shirt is a scourge for style and masculine elegance...

However, it is still common to talk to men who are still looking to buy cheap T-shirts.

And that's how they get screwed.?

Let me explain why a quality T-shirt is unlike an entry-level T-shirt.

After reading this article, I guarantee you that you will never be fooled again. You will always remember these seven ways to find a good deal.


Cool man wearing a tee in a historic city center - Millionaire Paris

The cheap T-shirt, a bad deal 

Like you, I was looking for the best T-shirt at the best price.

And finally, it was the poor quality of a T-shirt ordered on the internet that led me to create the incomparable Millionaire Paris men's T-shirts.

So I suggest you explain why buying a cheap T-shirt is never a good deal.

Each element of the T-shirt is studied in detail. This will help you understand the problems encountered when buying cheap clothes.

So here are the 7 good reasons not to buy a cheap T-shirt.

The 7 annoying problems of entry-level T-shirts

1° The cheap fabric is very fragile

One thing is certain: entry-level brands are saving on fabric quality.

Here are some stories you've already heard:

- "The fabric used to make this cheap T-shirt was so thin that it was punctured after two weeks. »
- "After two washes, my T-shirt started making stuffed animals. He's immovable now. »
- "The fabric of the T-shirt twisted after the first wash because of the poor quality of the finishes. Now he's deformed..."

Does it look familiar?

fabric-hole-poor-qualityThe inevitable result on a poor quality T-shirt: A hole in the jersey fabric
(and it's not even 100%
organic cotton!)

The result is annoying.?

After one or two washes, the T-shirt is no longer wearable...

And even if you follow the care instructions, the poor quality of the fabric prevents the T-shirt from being durable.

This is our first good reason to choose a quality T-shirt.

Let's move on to the second one.

2° The white and clear entry-level T-shirts are transparent

Have you ever been annoyed by an almost transparent white T-shirt?

This is because the fabric used on a cheap T-shirt is thin, too thin....

We then see through the fabric....

This is one of the best tests to see the quality of a good brand of T-shirt. The white T-shirt must not be transparent. Transparency means that the fabric of the T-shirt is too thin...

Another concern is the difference in density between the collar and the T-shirt.

It's obvious. These types of thin T-shirts are often underwear (and not real clothing as a quality T-shirt would be).

t-shirt-white-not-expensive-300x300We notice that the collar and sleeve ends contrast with the rest of the T-shirt which is almost transparent.

The quality and comfort of the fabric... This is one of the reasons why men prefer thick T-shirts.

On my side, I really like white T-shirts.

But the transparent fabric was a real problem...

That's why Millionaire Paris T-shirts are thicker. With Millionaire Paris' white round-neck T-shirt, there's no way you can see your nipples through it.


A quality white T-shirt offers a better look
(Click on the image to discover the T-shirt)

The difference is also felt when you wear the T-shirt. A quality T-shirt is much more comfortable.

3° The cheap T-shirt is not machine resistant

It is very common for the first wash to shrink poor quality T-shirts.

The following picture scares the hell out of me....

It is a mid-range T-shirt (big American brand). I bought it to do some washing tests. And the T-shirt didn't withstand many washes.


There is nothing to do... a poor quality fabric does not resist washing

Beyond the holes that appear over time, washing can also deform the fibres. The fabric and seams will twist or relax.

For example, on a cheap round neck T-shirt, the round neck may deform. It will then become deeper.

Warning :

Even with a good quality T-shirt, you must follow the washing instructions. This will allow you to extend the life span and preserve the softness of the fabric.

4° The synthetic T-shirt makes you sweat and smells easily bad

Cotton is a rather expensive natural fibre. So entry-level T-shirt brands save money (on your back) by using less cotton.

Here's how they do it:

The classic trick is to mix cotton with synthetic fibres, which are cheaper to produce. (These names are familiar to you: polyester, acrylic, elastane...). The problem is that these fibers do not breathe well, keep warm, and make you sweat.

Unlike 100% cotton T-shirts, synthetic fibre T-shirts also retain bad smells.

It is therefore preferable to buy only 100% cotton T-shirts.

The solution Millionaire Paris : A quality T-shirt

In 2019, I couldn't find any quality T-shirts... So I decided to create Millionaire Paris. My objective: to offer you the best brand of T-shirt.

As I was telling you, the collar of the GoudronBlanc round neck T-shirt is not plunging. And that's what makes it so elegant.

Since the opening, the brand has won over many T-shirt lovers. And we have also launched a collection of round-neck T-shirts.

As for the fabric used for the collar? This is called the rib edge. It's a heavier fabric than the rest of the T-shirt.

Round Neck Black Tee Shirt Millionaire Paris
Notice how the round collar on the ribbed edge gives character to the T-shirt. 

This ensures a quality collar that holds up well.

Even a cheap branded T-shirt is a bad deal

Cheap T-shirts are not lacking in details that betray their low price. But even a cheap brand T-shirt presents problems.

Do you know why?

The double production line is the main reason for the poor quality of branded T-shirts.

The brands are having fun producing two series: (1) collections for their shops and (2) collections for parallel distribution.

These are then found among destockers (declawed products, sales, outlets, and others). This is a good way for unscrupulous brands to expand their customer base by maintaining comfortable margins.

Finally, you are right not to buy an expensive T-shirt

I don't know about you, but all these problems annoy me a lot...

But hey, let's not fool ourselves:

A cheap T-shirt will never be a good deal. Brands need to maintain a certain margin to live. If the garment is not expensive, it will always be to the detriment of its quality...

However, it is difficult to dress well with poor quality clothing. The idea is the same for a T-shirt.

What alternative? A quality T-shirt?

It is to avoid these problems that I created Millionaire Paris, with the idea of offering you the best T-shirt.

Like you, I like to wear good quality T-shirts.

A nice T-shirt changes everything:

When the T-shirt is well cut and the fabric is comfortable, you don't feel the same. On my side, I feel more confident when I am well dressed. And I'm sure that's also the case for you.

Want to try some real quality T-shirts?

Take a look at the Millionaire Paris shop.

You will like WhiteTar, because you know how to appreciate quality.

guy-wearing-a-t-shirt-smiling-at-a-skatepark - Millionaire Paris

 Millionaire Paris men's black round neck t-shirt