5 ideas to fold your T-shirts properly (and save time)

It's not easy to know how to fold your T-shirts.

But it's important:

when you pack your suitcase to travel or...
when you want to put your drawers in order.
Good news:

There are some surprising folding techniques that make it easier.

Perfect to save time.

Come on... I'll tell you everything!

After reading this article, you will be a pro at folding T-shirts.

Classic folding (it's the easiest)

The easiest way to fold a T-shirt?

I learned it the hard way when I was a salesman for a major ready-to-wear brand on the Champs Elysée. During the sales, there's no time to think. We had to fold T-shirts hundreds of times a day.

This training was very practical when I launched the Millionaire Paris T-shirts.

So how do we do it?

  1. Take the T-shirt at shoulder level (where you want to fold).
  2. Make the T-shirt take a slight backward swing.
  3. Fold with your hands.
  4. And at the same time, use the table as a support to fold the body of the T-shirt in half.

Let's move on to the other techniques (with videos).

Fold your T-shirt with the "Marie Kondo" technique

It's the best way to bend for minimalists.

It has been a few months since I adopted this technique.

Really great!

Marie Kondo, storage consultant and star of a documentary on Netflix, changed the way I store my Millionaire Paris T-shirts.

Its vertical folding technique allows you to see all your T-shirts at a glance. Folding like Marie Kondo avoids stacking your T-shirts in a drawer, which makes them easier to access.

So what is Marie Kondo's secret method?

Here is the answer in video:

The Huffington Post specifies that this avoids false wrinkles:
"False folds are created by the pressure exerted on clothing. When storing your clothes vertically, they are not crushed and folds do not mark!"

It takes a little patience the first two or three times.

But then you'll go faster and faster.

Perfect folding (with a clothes folder)

It is really easy to fold when you have a folding board.

clothes folder Millionaire Paris

And if you don't have a folding machine, you can also use a magazine.

This will do the trick.

Cloth Folder with a magazine Millionaire Paris

It is also possible to build your folding machine out of cardboard.

Rolling: how to roll a T-shirt like in the army

There is a good technique for light travel:

The military (and backpackers) tend to roll their T-shirts. This saves space in a suitcase or backpack.

Here's how to do it in video:

It's not the easiest, but this technique is perfect to have a very compact suitcase.

Fold your T-shirt in 3 seconds (the pinched fold)

It is also possible to fold your T-shirt in 3 seconds.

This is the most surprising technique!

And you can also impress your friends.

Difficult to explain in writing. The easiest way is to watch this video.

With all these good ideas, you probably want to practice folding quality T-shirts.

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